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Get an Edge Up and Take Your Game to the Next Level


What is PowerSkate?

PowerSkate is a high-energy, nationally regulated program designed to boost hockey and ringette players' skating performance. Focusing on balance, control, and agility, it takes athletes beyond their regular team practices and games, enhancing their skills to the next level.

Who's it for?

Power skating is all about building power and enhancing skating skills so skaters MUST have basic skating ability - this is NOT a learn to skate program. Skaters must have the basic abilities to skate forward, skate backwards and stop.

Who teaches it? 

NCCP-trained PowerSkate coaches, assisted by trained program assistants (former trained participants of the PowerSkate program).

Some of the top players in the NHL, including Nathan MacKinnon, Matt Duchene, Mark Scheifele and Jeff Skinner, have trusted Skate Canada's best-in-class programs to help them reach hockey's biggest stage.



What will athletes learn? 

Athletes will focus on game-specific training that translates directly to improving on-ice performance in games. 

Our structured program, backed by Skate Canada's commitment to excellence in skating, includes drills and exercises that will improve stride efficiency, turning, stopping and quick starts - all essential for game situations. 

What can you expect? 

Skill development, professional coaching, personalized feedback, game-specific training and a positive and FUN environment!

What is the required equipment? 

All participants are required to wear full hockey/ringette gear, including a CSA-approved helmet and must have a stick and water bottle. 





There will be NO EXCEPTIONS to the class age limits.
Skaters MUST register for their age bracket and skaters MUST be the age by the start date.
If a Coach deems the skaters ability higher/lower after the first class(es), only then will Coaches consider changes.

PowerSkate Sessions & Descriptions

 NOTE: These are NOT learn-to-skate programs.
Participants must have completed up to Stage 2/3 of the CanSkate Program OR completed a season of PrePower OR participated in at least one season of hockey/ringette.

PowerSkate JR - 2nd Yr U7 to 1st yr U11 


Power A is for players aged 6 to 10 years old that are at the Initiation (U7) to 1st year U11 level hockey or ringette programs. 

Classes are available in 45-minute sessions offered in the morning throughout the week. 

PowerSkate SR - 2nd Yr U11+


Power B is for players aged 10 and over that are in 2nd year U11 level hockey/ringette or higher. 

Classes are available in 45-minute sessions offered in the morning throughout the week. 

Female PowerSkate - 2nd year U9+


Female Hockey/Ringette Power is specifically geared towards female hockey or ringette players aged 7 to 12 years of age that are in 2nd year U9 to U13 hockey/ringette.

Classes are available in 45-minute sessions offered in the morning throughout the week. 


How do I register?


Please see below for session dates and registration details.

Fall 2024

Opening for registration July 2024

Skating dates: September to December


Winter 2025

Opening for registration in Nov 2024 

Skating dates: January to March

registration opens nov 2024

Spring 2025

Opening for registration in Feb 2025

Skating dates: May to June

Registration opens feb 2025

"We [figure skaters] spend every year until we retire to perfect skating.... I find a lot of hockey players, even the big guys, don't know how to use their upper body to make the feet do what you want them to do."


 - David Pelletier
2002 Olympic Figure Skating Pairs Gold Medalist &
skating coach for the Edmonton Oilers




Skate Canada in the NHL

Skate Canada, traditionally known for figure skating, is increasingly influencing the NHL, as more Skate Canada-trained skaters bring their unique blend of finesse and technical skill to the league. Check out a few examples below! 

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