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Nanton Skating Club - Picks & Tricks

Picks & Tricks Announcement

The Nanton Skating Club is hosting the Picks & Tricks mini-competition on Saturday, Feb 11th, 2023 and has invited OSC skaters to attend.

They have requested that all OSC skaters submit payment to OSC for their registration and the club will issue a cheque to Nanton for all. Please select the event below and make your payment here. 

The event registration form and planned program sheets are provided below for your convenience. 

Payment Instructions

Select your skaters event(s) below to submit payment. Please ensure the information you select matches the registration submitted to Nanton Skating Club. All registration fees will include coaching fees, as listed below. 

Spin, Spiral, Jump - $45 (includes Nanton fee $30, coaches fee $15)

STAR FreeSkate & Artistic - $60 (includes Nanton fee $30, coaches fee $30)

Additional Event - Spin, Spiral, Jump - $30 (includes Nanton fee $15, coaches fee $15)

Additional Event - STAR/Artistic - $45 (includes Nanton fee $15, coaches fee $30)

NOTE: Additional events will only apply to skaters registering for STAR FreeSkate & Artistic OR Spin, Spiral, Jump & STAR 1 FreeSkate - if you are unsure what your skater should register for, contact your OSC Coach. For help in registration, contact the Registrar.

Please ensure each event is added to your invoice. Payment will not be made to the Nanton Skating Club unless you have submitted payment here. 

Registration Deadline: January 24th, 2023





If you haven't already filled out the registration form for the event, please fill it out here. Note: This is Nanton's registration form, and is not from the OSC. If you have already filled it out, you are not required to fill it out again.

Picks & Tricks Registration FORM (Nanton skating club form)

Skaters registering in STAR 2 FreeSkate and up or Artistic must also submit a planned program sheet.

If you require any help in filling out this info, the coaches will be providing blank planned program sheets to the skaters during the next week of practices and will go over it with the skaters.

Note: Spin, Spiral, Jump and STAR 1 do not require planned program sheets. The form below is from the Nanton Skating Club and is not from the OSC. If you ahve already filled it out, you are not required to fill it out again. 

PLANNED PROGRAM SHEET (nanton skating club form)

Questions? Need help? Contact: 

Jo-Anne Skinner, Registrar -

Kristine Kachur, Competition Chair -